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Jobless Grad Sues College For 70G Tuition

“Trina Thompson gave it the old college try, but couldn’t find work. Now she thinks her sheepskin wasn’t worth her time, and is suing her alma mater for her money back.

The Monroe College grad wants the $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn’t found gainful employment since earning her bachelor’s degree in April, according to a suit filed in Bronx Supreme Court on July 24.”

Ms. Thompson suffered a grueling 3 month job search before breaking down and beginning her search for someone to blame (other than herself.)

Oh, the humanity!

I graduated in 1984 from a top ranked university with a double science major. Back then, times were leaner and meaner then they are now. I searched for 12 month before landing a job as a quality control chemist for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. This scenario was common among my peers. But enough about me, it’s all about Trina!

“The 27-year-old alleges the business-oriented Bronx school hasn’t lived up to its end of the bargain, and has not done enough to find her a job.

The information-technology student blames Monroe’s Office of Career Advancement for not providing her with the leads and career advice it promised.”


Not how it works, Ms. Thompson. The “bargain” I had with my alma mater was that they provide the toughest educational program my money could buy such that when I graduated, I’d be in the best position possible to edge out my competition for relevant career opportunities. There were no job guarantees and my success at finding one relied entirely on my efforts at making it happen. Leads and advice are just that – leads and advice. If this isn’t the bargain Ms. Thompson had with Monroe College, well then, she got exactly what she bargained for and has no basis to complain.

And too bad about the student loans coming due. Doubtful anyone forced Ms. Thompson to take the loan money so it’s another instance of personal responsibility rearing it’s ugly head. I worked as many as three concurrent jobs to pay for college as I went so as to avoid the student loan trap. So, having had student loans, Ms. Thompson should have had considerable time away from her studies to put a post graduation job search strategy in place.

Where’s your hustle, girl? And what kind of parent raises their kid to be this kind of whiny adult?

“”She’s angry,” said Thompson’s mother, Carol. “She’s very angry at her situation. She put all her faith in them, and so did I. They’re not making an effort.”

Ah, that kind of parent. A parent that teaches their kid to be angry at “situations.” A parent that teaches their kid to put faith in institutions rather than themselves.

Well, Trina, unfortunately mom let you down and the real world is where you must now live. And in the real world, every graduate has a job the second they graduate – it’s called “finding a job.”

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