Bye-bye Netflix

I cancelled Netflix today with mixed feelings. I’d been a subscriber since early 2006. The only clear ding I had against them was that the movie selection was quite dated or B-list movies. The┬áNetflix/Qwikster fiasco from last year didn’t help either. The knock-out punch was the one-two combination a Roku box purchased last year and movie streaming for “free” via Prime. Extra dings for all the free channels available via the Roku box.

As part of the cancellation, Netflix offers an exit survey which includes:

Netflix Cancellation Survey

(Click for larger image.)

Surprisingly, the Netflix/Qwikster debacle isn’t one of the listed reasons. Neither were devices like the Roku box. But a preference for watching “bootleged DVDs” is. An honest survey choice would read: “You’re a criminal and don’t know it so select this choice. You’re account information will be automatically sent forward to a school of MPAA sharks.”

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