The Awesomeness of Dogs

A screen capture from a news story about a man and his dog…

(Click for news story.)

The man is John Unger and the dog is Schoep. The photo was taken by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Reminded me of another dog named Shep, albeit spelled differently. I’ve known and pointed out to visitors the Boulder Turnpike Shep’s grave site for years. Growth in recent years resulted in the relocation of Boulder Turnpike Shep’s grave to a place that looks to be more permanent as well as easier to visit and maintain.

And then I’m reminded of the previously linked story of Kevin McClain and his dog Yurt: A Dying Man’s Last Wish. Kinda hard to keep the eyes dry after a story like that, eh?

Speaking of drying, I’d imagine with his years, Schoep gets towel dried after his time in the lake. For the young pups, there’s science involved: How the Wet-Dog Shake Gets Mammals Dry in No Time Flat

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