How to Fix Windows…Again.

I can’t remember a release of Windows that didn’t bring in it’s wake a barrage of articles titled something like “How to make the new version of Windows look/behave/perform like the old version of Windows.” The first such article on the radar for this go-around is from Lifehacker: How to Fix Windows 8’s Biggest Annoyances (and Make It More Like Windows 7)

It is annoying to have to learn – yet again – where familiar stuff is and how it works. It’s a productivity killer for several months. Crikey, there’s still stuff I can’t find on the abomination that is the “ribbon.” Functions that were an easy find on previous versions of MS Office are scattered across a pallet of multiple sized icons, text items, grouping boxes, and micro-sized fly-out selectors.

It is also a major reason why virtually all my non-work related computer time is spent on Linux using LibreOffice. There, I stay productive.

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