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The Value of Liberal Arts Colleges and Programs

Barry Schwartz offers his view on why liberal arts colleges are important. “In my view, higher education should be equipping students to answer these four questions: What is worth knowing? What is worth doing? What makes for a good human life? What are my responsibilities to other people?” If this were happening, than the value […]

Art Criticism 101

Remedial education may be in order for this budding critic: A 36-year-old Denver woman, apparently drunk, leaned against an iconic Clyfford Still painting worth more than $30 million last week, punched it, slid down it and urinated on herself, according to a criminal case against Carmen Lucette Tisch. Surprisingly, alcohol was involved. At a different […]

Did I ever tell you…

…I wrote a concerto for Fire Horn and Orchestra? Surprisingly, the CSO declined to premier my work several seasons ago. It was later premiered by the Antarctic Philharmonic Orchestra and Volunteer Fire Department. Related PostsBack to Important Things Time To Build An Arc Refugee from Fashion