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Old Romance: Horse Carriage Rides. New Romance: Electric Vehicles

NYC’s new mayor to replace Central Park horse carriages with EVs Because romantic horse drawn open air carriage rides through Central Park are EXACTLY what has kept me from visiting New York City. The prospect of enjoying the city from the cramped confines of an EV that smells vaguely like vomit certainly changes the incentive! […]

“22 Crazy Perks You Should Ask Your Boss For”

So reads the title of an article penned by Ilya Pozin. What struck me was the number of “perks” that were designed to make the work place more like the home place, that is, things not traditionally thought of as being at work – three meals a day, pets, sleeping/napping, massage and other personal care […]

Clean Energy Not So Clean

Sting operations reveal Mafia involvement in renewable energy What does it say about your industry when the Mafia gets involved? That it’s above board, corruption-free, and legitimate? Related PostsHow to Experience the Dark Ages Today Experts in a Time of Unreason How to Handle Bullies 101 Good Intentions, Bad Results There’s a Global Strategic Maple […]

How to Fix Windows…Again.

I can’t remember a release of Windows that didn’t bring in it’s wake a barrage of articles titled something like “How to make the new version of Windows look/behave/perform like the old version of Windows.” The first such article on the radar for this go-around is from Lifehacker: How to Fix Windows 8’s Biggest Annoyances […]

Bye-bye Netflix

I cancelled Netflix today with mixed feelings. I’d been a subscriber since early 2006. The only clear ding I had against them was that the movie selection was quite dated or B-list movies. The Netflix/Qwikster fiasco from last year didn’t help either. The knock-out punch was the one-two combination a Roku box purchased last year and […]

Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Landscaper

Earlier this year, we finally closed out the work we contracted to have done by a landscape architect firm and a landscaping company. Mostly, it didn’t go well. The part that did go well was the design from the landscape architect. We were very pleased with the design. Given our exceedingly busy schedules with managing […]

CenturyLink: Your Link to Last Century’s Communication Technology

I had an ongoing struggle with CenturyLink (n. Qwest, n. US West, n. Mountain Bell) to fix a wire up on the pole (CenturyLink’s property and responsibility) that has been responsible for my phone/DSL cutting in and out. Sometimes for days at a time. Since CenturyLink took over, quality had taken a steep and permanent […]

You are your data, and you don’t belong to you

Any advance in technology, or combination of existing technology, that carries with it the potential for control of the many by the few will be abused. Given the vast quantity of laws on the books, this will even be legal. The OnStar Controversy Isn’t About Digital Privacy: Users Just Want a Heads-Up OnStar asked for […]

The Evolution of Software Bloat

[This post was originally made in the discussion forum for a graduate class titled “Multimedia Technologies and Design Principles”.] The evolution seems to go something like this… A great idea is hatched for a simple program to do “A”. Easy to use, easy to learn and it does “A” very, very well. Bunches of people […]


What’s up with the Labor Day hours at Natural Grocers? Hmmmmmmm. Maybe, since it’s for Labor Day, this is what the Union negotiated.