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Fasting – A Way to Recalibrate Your Center

[Note: This post was originally submitted to a minimalist oriented web site but apparently didn’t make the cut. So I’m posting it here.] “The most important aspect of fasting is that you feel deep, undirected gratitude when you break the fast.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb A life in motion is a life less likely to […]

How to Handle Bullies 101

Lesson One Almost as a rule, bullies are made of tissue paper. They project their false image of themselves on that tissue paper screen while working in the dark to tear down the world around them so as to feel important and powerful. The solution is to push back. Tissue paper kings flee when confronted […]

The Awesomeness of Dogs

A screen capture from a news story about a man and his dog… The man is John Unger and the dog is Schoep. The photo was taken by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Reminded me of another dog named Shep, albeit spelled differently. I’ve known and pointed out to visitors the Boulder Turnpike Shep’s grave site for […]

Mountain Lion

While on the way back from an extended bike ride up to dinosaur ridge, my wife and I were shouted a warning from a man in a minivan parked on the opposite side to Rooney Road. “Mountain Lion!”, he shouted, pointing to a tree we were just about to pass. We stopped and crossed over […]

First Robin -2012

Unless winter is particularly hard, robins tend to stay around here most of the year. But it’s when they start singing that I know spring is on they way. Heard this guy belting out a fabulous tune this morning as I sat down to the first cup of coffee of the day. Spring may be […]

The only problem with cats…

…is that they aren’t dogs. I grew up with rabbits as pets. And then cats. I enjoyed them and was attached to them. Still, there is nothing like the bond with a dog. The current pack under our care: Related PostsBladder management in the 21st century