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Over 200 Dead in Chicago…

…so far this year. Murdered. Oh my. Clearly, the US should get out of Chicago. Or Chicago needs a gun control law or something. Wait a minute…isn’t Chicago one of the cities with the strictest gun control laws? Makes me feel like taking the Springfield XD .45 ACP out to the range for a little […]

Question: What does it look like when voters show government unions the bird?

Answer: Wisconsin governor recall election Scott Walker (53.2%) vs. Tom Barrett (46.3%) Related PostsLuxury Handbags and Higher Education Culture Saved The Value of Liberal Arts Colleges and Programs Unconscious Unethical Incompatable Beliefs

Law, Meet Maker

This is an awful story: Last year after a full-body scan at a Seattle airport, Cissna was singled out for a pat-down, her second, she said, within three months. Cissna is a breast-cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy. She refused the pat-down – seeing it as invasive – and left the airport to return […]

Serve A Beer, Win A Peace Prize

Geesh. “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.” Once upon a time, a person actually had to accomplish something before winning an award. But if you’re Norwegian, all you need do is capture attention and serve up […]