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“Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.”

So states Linus’s Law. Coined by Eric Raymond in his book “The Cathedral and the Bazaar:” Given a large enough beta-tester and co-developer base, almost every problem will be characterized quickly and the fix obvious to someone. Or, less formally, “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” I dub this: “Linus’s Law”. My original formulation […]

Time To Build An Arc

We had monsoon-like rain yesterday. According to the weather experts, 1.6 inches of rain fell in 30 minutes. That may not sound like much to many parts of the country, but it’s a lot for the desert mid-west. Checking the weather on my tablet this morning, I saw the following alert for Monday: Looks like […]

Repeal the Wheel!

Writes Robert Samuelson in The Washington Post, If I could, I would repeal the Internet. It is the technological marvel of the age, but it is not — as most people imagine — a symbol of progress. Just the opposite. We would be better off without it. I grant its astonishing capabilities: the instant access […]

Law Abiding Citizens Have Nothing to Fear

So says William Hague, England’s Foreign Secretary. “Only terrorists, criminals and spies should fear secret activities of the British and US intelligence agencies.” I appreciate the challenge of collecting accurate intelligence and connecting the dots. It’s the 21st century and the bad guys no longer hang out in shadowed doorways and use dumpsters as drop […]

How to Fix Windows…Again.

I can’t remember a release of Windows that didn’t bring in it’s wake a barrage of articles titled something like “How to make the new version of Windows look/behave/perform like the old version of Windows.” The first such article on the radar for this go-around is from Lifehacker: How to Fix Windows 8’s Biggest Annoyances […]

Bye-bye Netflix

I cancelled Netflix today with mixed feelings. I’d been a subscriber since early 2006. The only clear ding I had against them was that the movie selection was quite dated or B-list movies. The Netflix/Qwikster fiasco from last year didn’t help either. The knock-out punch was the one-two combination a Roku box purchased last year and […]

Undisciplined Youth or Sign of the Times?

Many of the reactions to this survey, New U.S. Smartphone Growth by Age and Income, are suggesting that young people don’t have their priorities straight in that even though they may be earning $15,000 or less a year, they still spend money on a smartphone. I disagree. What isn’t revealed by this survey is how […]

CenturyLink: Your Link to Last Century’s Communication Technology

I had an ongoing struggle with CenturyLink (n. Qwest, n. US West, n. Mountain Bell) to fix a wire up on the pole (CenturyLink’s property and responsibility) that has been responsible for my phone/DSL cutting in and out. Sometimes for days at a time. Since CenturyLink took over, quality had taken a steep and permanent […]

You are your data, and you don’t belong to you

Any advance in technology, or combination of existing technology, that carries with it the potential for control of the many by the few will be abused. Given the vast quantity of laws on the books, this will even be legal. The OnStar Controversy Isn’t About Digital Privacy: Users Just Want a Heads-Up OnStar asked for […]

The Evolution of Software Bloat

[This post was originally made in the discussion forum for a graduate class titled “Multimedia Technologies and Design Principles”.] The evolution seems to go something like this… A great idea is hatched for a simple program to do “A”. Easy to use, easy to learn and it does “A” very, very well. Bunches of people […]