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Unconscious Unethical

The Johari window is well known in teaching and learning circles and can be a useful way to illustrate various cognitive limitations in thinking. Most frequently, it is used to show what attributes you and other may know about you (see Figure 1.) An individual interested in personal growth would presumably work to shrink the […]

Bye-bye Netflix

I cancelled Netflix today with mixed feelings. I’d been a subscriber since early 2006. The only clear ding I had against them was that the movie selection was quite dated or B-list movies. The┬áNetflix/Qwikster fiasco from last year didn’t help either. The knock-out punch was the one-two combination a Roku box purchased last year and […]

Law, Meet Maker

This is an awful story: Last year after a full-body scan at a Seattle airport, Cissna was singled out for a pat-down, her second, she said, within three months. Cissna is a breast-cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy. She refused the pat-down – seeing it as invasive – and left the airport to return […]

Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong Landscaper

Earlier this year, we finally closed out the work we contracted to have done by a landscape architect firm and a landscaping company. Mostly, it didn’t go well. The part that did go well was the design from the landscape architect. We were very pleased with the design. Given our exceedingly busy schedules with managing […]

CenturyLink: Your Link to Last Century’s Communication Technology

I had an ongoing struggle with CenturyLink (n. Qwest, n. US West, n. Mountain Bell) to fix a wire up on the pole (CenturyLink’s property and responsibility) that has been responsible for my phone/DSL cutting in and out. Sometimes for days at a time. Since CenturyLink took over, quality had taken a steep and permanent […]