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Fasting – A Way to Recalibrate Your Center

[Note: This post was originally submitted to a minimalist oriented web site but apparently didn’t make the cut. So I’m posting it here.] “The most important aspect of fasting is that you feel deep, undirected gratitude when you break the fast.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb A life in motion is a life less likely to […]

“22 Crazy Perks You Should Ask Your Boss For”

So reads the title of an article penned by Ilya Pozin. What struck me was the number of “perks” that were designed to make the work place more like the home place, that is, things not traditionally thought of as being at work – three meals a day, pets, sleeping/napping, massage and other personal care […]

Lessons from Katrina on the Hudson and Reynolds’ Second Law

Previously, I wrote how the government’s poor response to hurricane Sandy is a manifestation of decades worth of mission creep: Micromanagement of the citizenry, on the other hand, is something that should unequivocally be outside the control or influence of governments, if for no other reason than it detracts from the organization’s ability to successfully […]

Keep the Wine Coming…

Good evening! And Cheers! New evidence on how compound found in red wine can help prevent cancer Related PostsArt Criticism 101 Winter Moonrise – Colorado Style

Keep the Coffee Coming…

Good morning! Now go pour your self another cup of Morning Joe…or three…or four. Coffee Lowers the Risk of Oral Cancer by 49 Percent Related PostsAnother Cup of Joe First Robin -2012 Winter Sunrise – Colorado Style

Lessons from Katrina on the Hudson

There are many. The most valuable one for survivors and observers may be that governments, even when optimally structured and run, cannot mitigate the Big Acts of Nature. The optimal structure for a government would have its power and influence limited to addressing the big things that are a consequence of large numbers of people interacting […]

Dove Down

Stepping out onto the deck Sunday morning, my eye caught a glimpse of what I thought was a crow fly up into the Linden tree. But something about it wasn’t quite crow. Moving over to the tree, I saw a morning dove on the ground behaving like it had a broken wing – much like […]

What’s Your Story Worth?

Susannah Breslin has started a blog titled “Letters From Husbands Of Breast Cancer Patients”. I had previously wished Susannah well in an email and a blog post.  In a reply a few days ago, she asked: “Interested in writing an anonymous letter?” Looking at the blog, I see: LEGAL By submitting to Letters from Husbands […]

Extinction: Something to Avoid

I can get on board with this. After all, what kind of example will we be setting for our children if we’re so irresponsible as to let ourselves go extinct? Or worse, as Neil deGrasse Tyson points out, think of the hit to the self esteem of our dead selves if we let the planet get […]

The only problem with cats…

…is that they aren’t dogs. I grew up with rabbits as pets. And then cats. I enjoyed them and was attached to them. Still, there is nothing like the bond with a dog. The current pack under our care: