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Back to Important Things

Now that the government is open again for business, is performing as expected, and the NSA has managed to reduce the Bacon Number from six to two, we can once again focus our attention on the important things in life. I speak, of course, of fluffy bunnies. More at The Most Fluffy Bunny in […]

Dove Down

Stepping out onto the deck Sunday morning, my eye caught a glimpse of what I thought was a crow fly up into the Linden tree. But something about it wasn’t quite crow. Moving over to the tree, I saw a morning dove on the ground behaving like it had a broken wing – much like […]

The Awesomeness of Dogs

A screen capture from a news story about a man and his dog… The man is John Unger and the dog is Schoep. The photo was taken by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. Reminded me of another dog named Shep, albeit spelled differently. I’ve known and pointed out to visitors the Boulder Turnpike Shep’s grave site for […]

The only problem with cats…

…is that they aren’t dogs. I grew up with rabbits as pets. And then cats. I enjoyed them and was attached to them. Still, there is nothing like the bond with a dog. The current pack under our care: Related PostsLessons from Katrina on the Hudson What’s Your Story Worth? Extinction: Something to Avoid Bladder […]