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The Value of Liberal Arts Colleges and Programs

Barry Schwartz offers his view on why liberal arts colleges are important. “In my view, higher education should be equipping students to answer these four questions: What is worth knowing? What is worth doing? What makes for a good human life? What are my responsibilities to other people?” If this were happening, than the value […]

Unconscious Unethical

The Johari window is well known in teaching and learning circles and can be a useful way to illustrate various cognitive limitations in thinking. Most frequently, it is used to show what attributes you and other may know about you (see Figure 1.) An individual interested in personal growth would presumably work to shrink the […]

Undisciplined Youth or Sign of the Times?

Many of the reactions to this survey, New U.S. Smartphone Growth by Age and Income, are suggesting that young people don’t have their priorities straight in that even though they may be earning $15,000 or less a year, they still spend money on a smartphone. I disagree. What isn’t revealed by this survey is how […]